What I've Learned After a Year of Dog Ownership

After months of Ayan repeatedly telling me I was "the only thing stopping him from fulfilling his childhood dream of having a dog," I cracked. That's when we filled out our application for a dog from the Italian Greyhound Rescue of America, and #Levitheig became a part of the family a few months later. 

It's been bit over year of dog ownership and here are a few things that I've learned.

48 Hours in Franschhoek

There is no bigger slap in the face than returning to a New York that's actually colder and snowier than you left it. I'm not kidding, this weather is fucking awful. Especially compared to sunny South Africa, where we just spend a little over a week for our honeymoon.

Not Today LA

Like many people who have been in New York for a while (David for 11, me for 8), we have a lot of West Coast dreams. A little bungalow with a yard with lemon trees, succulents, drives to the beach, jean jackets for days... you know how it goes. So it made perfect sense to us that when time came for a wedding in San Diego, we'd add a couple days to our trip and hang out in LA.

Levi's New Fall Sweaters

David and I don't always agree on our purchasing decisions; I can be (irrationally) thrifty sometimes, but he can be (irrationally) spendthrift. A fashionable coat that looks like Xena Warrior Princess went to Hot Topic is a hard pass for me but a great choice for him. One thing we do agree on though is that Levi should look good at all times. With temperatures falling below 70 degrees (i.e., winter for our tiny, skinny dog), it was time to invest in some canine fashion.

The Wedding Party

Married life has been... well... pretty much like our lives before we got married except without the massive stress of planning a wedding bearing down on us. What to do with all this time? I'd like to say that we've been spending our newfound free time working out and picking up hobbies and doing things around the house that we've always meant to do, but that would be a total lie.

We're Getting Married... Really Soon!

Ayan and I are getting married in less than two weeks and have been absolutely crazed trying to get everything done. From seating charts to procession order, the list (literally, there's a list) seems endless. Which makes me so grateful that we're two guys getting married because the list of items to check off seems to more than double when there's a bride and a groom.

Dinner at Seamore's

In an age when we eat a hot dog and critique it like we're judges on Top Chef and everyone is a gourmand, I have an embarrassing confession to make: I don't like to eat fish. I know, I know it makes me a barbarian. I don't care, I'll take a roast chicken over a salmon any day. So it was with a bit of apprehension that we went to Seamore's, a seafood spot in Nolita last Saturday.

Where to Hangout in Tokyo

With the wedding and a new job, David and I haven't had much of a chance to travel this year, which means we've been reminiscing a lot about our last big trip abroad. And as anyone who's been to Tokyo can attest, it's a wild, crazy place that captures your imagination and doesn't let go. 

72 Hours in The Berkshires

In time-honored (read: twice so far) summer tradition, we just had our long summer weekend getaway with the Chatterjees. Procrastination meant that any attractive vacation rental by the shore was already booked, so we settled for the Berkshires, about 3 hours by car from New York City.

Weekend at Jeanie's

We spent last weekend out east with our friends Alana and Chris for a little rest and relaxation, and to escape the summer heat. Our favorite place to stay in the South Fork is in East Hampton, just past the ritzy shops and restaurants in the heart of town, a little farmhouse-turned-B&B called Blake's Lodging.