We Tied The Knot!

We Tied The Knot!

We did it! On Sunday October 9th, 2016, after what felt like an eternity of planning, Ayan and I tied the knot at The Green Building in Gowanus, Brooklyn. 116 friends and family members were there as our officiant and friend, Ryann Weir, married us in front of a wall of string lights. The ceremony consisted of 7 friends and family members making touching and funny remarks inspired by the Hindu tradition of reciting 7 blessings by loved ones.

The most challenging part of the ceremony, other than holding back tears, was when it became time for me to retrieve my vows, which I wrote in a notebook tucked in the back of my pants. Laughter ensued as I opened it and then thumbed through a few dozen pages to find the latest version of my vows.  

We exchanged rings, created by our talented friend Carrie Bilbo, and marigold garlands, made by our florist Paul Diaz, and then we were married! Relieved that our unrehearsed and emotionally intense ceremony was over, we headed down the aisle as rose petals were tossed into the air. 

Cocktail hour followed as Ayan and I, in our evening jackets (thanks Gucci!), darted to the back room to reunite with #Levitheig and sign our marriage certificate in front of our witnesses/friends Ryann and Grace.

Meanwhile our guests were out front sipping on grapefruit habanero margaritas and munching on a selection of appetizers including turkey keema meat balls, samosas made with phyllo dough, ricotta and honey crostinis, and tuna poke.

As the sun set, it was time for dinner. Ayan and I sat at what we nicknamed the "king's table" from where we could look out at the four long banquet tables covered in glowing candles and hundreds of floral arrangements made up of gold, orange, burgundy, and green flowers where our friends and family dinned. On the menu: goan sea bass with a coconut milk curry and grilled organic chicken tikka with pineapple mango salsa, served with family style sides of smashed fingerlings, a baby kale salad, beet raita, and buttered basmati rice. 

Then came the best part: the dance party. Our DJ Olivia Dope spun a mix of our 90s faves and current jams as per our request - no cha-cha slide or Cotton-Eye-Joe for us. Thanks to the help of a few special request from our friends, the music was perfect. The night wrapped up with a dessert bar with included my favorite Indian treat, a fried dough ball soaked in simple syrup called Gulab Jamun, as well as Ayan's favorite Sugar Sweet Sunshine cupcakes. 

Days later, we're still smiling thinking about all the kind words said and all the happy faces we were greeted with. Nothing could've made this day better (except of maybe a little more sunshine- screw you hurricane Matthew!)  -All Photos by Colby Blount-


Chief Creative Officer at Alder New York, husband to Ayan Chatterjee, and father to @levitheig