Our 2017 Ambitions

Our 2017 Ambitions

2016 was a big year for us. We got married. We got a tiny little dog. And we both turned 30! On a more global scale it was a little more stressful, depressing, and frustrating of a year, but for us it's going to go down as one of the best.

We hope 2017 will be a big year for us too. So here's a few of our goals and resolutions for the new year because if you don't put it in writing, who's going to keep you accountable?

Be Healthy-ish

We, like basically everyone else in America, are going to look great, feel great, and be healthier in 2017! We're going to taking advantage of that Equinox membership that was completely neglected in the month of December and eat healthy or at least healthy-ish (I'm just going to cook recipes from my new Sqirl cookbook, that's healthy right?). We're going to look great!

Be Brooklynites

I've lived in Brooklyn for the first 7 years in New York. Ayan on the other hand has lived in our Midtown East Manhattan apartment for the last 8 years. He used to have friends in the neighborhood but they all have moved to Brooklyn- for me all my friends are still in the hipper borough (with the exception of my friend Jackie who strangely move to midtown when I moved to midtown- obsessed much?). For Ayan, the last straw was when two ambulances appeared in front of the building on the same day, helping him realize that we lived in a bit of an old folks' home.

Last year we renovated our apartment and are just about done finishing up a few things here and there. We're going to put it on the market and then Brooklyn here we come.

Be Honeymooners

We're going on our honeymoon in March! We're heading to South Africa for 10 days. We're going to hang out in Cape Town, drink wine in the winelands, and gasp at exotic animals on safari. It will be our first trip to Africa and I cant wait!

Be Working Girls

Between honeymooning, looking great, and living it up in BK we're also going to be seriously professional in our careers. We're going to grow, explore, and learn more about ourselves and try to figure out what work will look like in Trump's America. It's going to be particularly interesting for Ayan, who works in media, but also for me, a small business owner focused on American manufacturing and environmental safety. 2017 here we come!


Chief Creative Officer at Alder New York, husband to Ayan Chatterjee, and father to @levitheig