We Bought a House in... Queens

We Bought a House in... Queens
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I know! I know! Queens! Queens! Yes, Ayan and I moved to Queens. I know we said we were going to become Brooklynites by the end of the year, but after looking at a house in Cypress Hill that literally was on top of a hill, and was 20 minutes away from the closest subway station, Ayan and I decide to open up our search to the neighboring borough and started looking at homes in Ridgewood, Queens.

The day after looking at the house on the hill I checked out at our first house in Queens. Ayan was going out of town and I went to see the house with our broker Nicole and my business partner (and BFF) Nina. I immediately liked the neighborhood, a diverse, middle class neighborhood adjacent to Bushwick, composed of families and artsy hipsters. It was right off of the L and the M train and close to bars, restaurants, and shops. The house, a 1920s single family brick home with a two car garage, four bedrooms, a sun room, and a full size dining room, seemed perfect, too perfect, to be both in New York City and in our budget! 

It had original hardwood floors with greek key inlays, stained glass windows, and plaster medallions on the ceilings. Nina, Nicole, and I all started texting Ayan that this was the one the minute we walked into the living room. It didn't check off any of our must haves- it wasn't a multi-family home, it wasn't in Brooklyn, and it's backyard is really just a large patio/ driveway, but it didn't matter.

A Pair of Queens in Queens

The only thing that gave me pause was that Ayan wouldn't be able to see the house until later in the week and the seller wanted to move fast. Regardless, we put an offer in, went to a best and final, and had our offer accepted before Ayan ever saw it! New York real estate is seriously ridiculous.

After having our offer accepted, Ayan stopped by the house and fell in love with it too. Then followed the exhausting, and seemingly endless, process of securing a mortgage, which a friend once called the equivalent of a financial pap smear. Then getting homeowners insurance, followed by coordinating a closing date. Some how we figured it all out and now we own a house in Queens and so far we're loving it! Up next- our big house renovation!  


Chief Creative Officer at Alder New York, husband to Ayan Chatterjee, and father to @levitheig